Minho Shong
Chungnam National University Hospital, Korea


Minho Shong, born 1961, is a professor at the Chungnam National University School of Medicine (CNU-SOM), Daejeon, Korea, where he maintains a laboratory with graduate students and two post-doctoral fellows. He has held numerous positions on the boards of grant giving bodies, study sections, evaluation committees, scientific advisory boards, and as a coordinator of collaborative research initiatives. Recently, he served as the chairman of the review board of the National Research Foundation, Korea. He maintained editorial responsibilities including the associate editorship of Molecules and Cells. Awards and honors: He received numerous research prizes and honorary memberships including the AOTA Award (2005), Genzyme Award (2009), and Emil Von Behring Award (2014). He is a member of the Societies in the fields of thyroid, diabetes and endocrine diseases in Korea and US.  Major research interest: Shong’s group works in three fields, first, on the regulation of mitochondrial proteostasis using animal models with tissue specific OxPhos dysfunction with a focus on the determination of mediators of systemic homeostasis including mitokines, oncogenes and energy metabolism.