Jean-Dominique Vassalli
Fondation Brocher


Jean-Dominique VASSALLI, is the former president and present chairman of the Scientific board of the Brocher Foundation, which encourages multidisciplinary research in the ethical, legal and social implications of the development of medical research and biotechnologies. He was Rector of the University of Geneva from 2007 to 2015. After obtaining a Swiss Federal Diploma of Medicine at the University of Geneva in 1972, he earned a PhD degree from The Rockefeller University, New York, in 1977 and a Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Geneva in 1984. In 1986 he became professor of developmental biology in the Faculty of Medicine. His laboratory was involved in studies on extracellular proteolysis in mammalian embryogenesis, inflammation and neuronal function, and on translational control of gene expression in gametogenesis. He is a recipient of the Cloëtta Prize (1988), of the International Society for Fibrinolysis and Thrombolysis Prize (1994) and an ad personam member of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (2001).