Frontiers in Metabolism

From system physiology to precision medicine

24-25-26 October 2017

This symposium will enable speakers and participants to discuss novel findings that link basic concepts emerging from the fields of cell biology, signaling, metabolomics, physiology, genetics/genomics, and aging with the pathogenesis and management of the metabolic syndrome a major medical challenge. It will provide a fantastic opportunity for– Doctoral students, – Post-Doctoral fellows and – Senior scientists to discuss with leaders in their field.

Our objective is also to create a truly interdisciplinary environment that brings together basic scientists and clinicians with an interest in metabolomic diseases, to foster innovative ideas in this area.

In addition, the opening lectures will address key issues regarding metabolism and society. These lectures will also be open to the public (registration mandatory).


Scientific Committee
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The Symposium is organised with the kind support from the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation